How do Hola Credito’s interest rates compare to other pawnbrokers online?

We are different to other online pawn brokers our interest rates are updated daily and are cheapest in Spain – guaranteed!  We keep our costs low and pass on the savings to you in lower interest rates.  There are no commissions, set up fees or early redemption penalties.

Do you have a typical example?

Yes, we have a typical illustration below:

€1000 over 6 months , €50 per month, multiplied 6 is €300 plus the capital, total repayment €1300 , apr 60%

No other fees apply.

How long will it take before I receive the cash from Hola Credito?

Once you have agreed the offer and signed the contract agreeing to the terms of our secured loans. You can have the money in your bank account within 24-hours, or we can give you the money in person in cash.

How many months before I need to repay Hola Credito’s secured loans in Spain?

Hola Credito’s loans are typically between 6 months and 3 years. However, we adhere to the EU Consumer Credit Laws which allow you to terminate the contract within 14 days and to repay the money you owe.

How do I apply for a secured loan in Spain from Hola Credito?

Simply complete the form, making sure that you fill in all the required fields. The more information you can supply, the quicker we can make a decision and the sooner you will receive your loan. Visit our How to Apply section for further information.

What type of watches do you lend against?

We lend against all leading luxury premium brand watches including Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Audermars, Piguet, Hublot, Jaeger Le Coultre, Patek Philippe and Zenith to name but a few.

What type of jewellery will you lend against?

We lend against all types of jewellery made of gold, platinum and precious stones jewellery; rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. As an online pawn shop, jewellery can be considered to be valuable even it is damaged, depending on the value of the metal or stones.

Do you lend against art?

Unfortunately Hola Credito can’t lend against any type of art, only jewellery, gemstones, gold and premium brand watches.

Do you lend against luxury cars?

Yes, in special circumstances, we lend against luxury cars which have a second-hand value in excess of 25,000€. During the loan period your vehicle will be kept safely in a specialist secure storage facility.

Which other assets will you lend against?

As a pawn broker online, we like to offer a comprehensive service, but we can only offer secured loans against assets such as jewellery, watches, precious metals and gemstones.

Which assets doesn’t Hola Credito lend against?

We are a specialist personal secured loan provider, not a traditional online pawn shop: electronics, real estate or art are unfortunately not acceptable assets.  We cannot lend against stolen property or counterfeit goods.  Any items of this nature received will be passed to the police.

What is the minimum value of asset Hola Credito can loan against?

As an experienced online pawn broker, we haven’t set a minimum value. However, as a rule, we generally lend against assets with a resale value in excess of 200€. If you are unsure of the value of your asset, we’ll be happy to appraise it for you and to let you know if you can use it as collateral for secured personal loans online.

Will you lend against items that are damaged or broken?

The loan value will be higher for working watching and items of jewellery that aren’t damaged. However, we can access damaged jewellery, as we calculate the value according to the weight of the metal and the value of the stones. Ask us if you have a damaged item of jewellery or a watch, as we still may be able to provide a secured loan against it.

How do I send you my assets?

You can either deliver the item personally to our office in Puerto Banus. Alternatively, we offer a free insured courier service with 24-hour tracking – with UPS and DHL. Hola Creditor takes security seriously, so we only use couriers that can guarantee the safety of your assets.

Will I have to pay to send my watch or jewellery for appraisal?

No, you don’t need to pay anything. We will arrange delivery using free insurance and tracked courier service provided by UPS and DHL.

What do I need to provide to be considered for a loan from Hola Credito?

In order for us to consider offering you a secured loan (online or by telephone), you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • You are the legal owner of the asset (s) which we are lending against.
  • You are aged at least 18 years old.
  • You can provide proof of identification (passport or driving licence, a utility bill (to confirm your address) and NIF/NIE.
  • There must be no claims, liens, state or conditions that could have a negative effect on the value of your item(s) or the possibility of borrowing against it, such as another loan already using the item(s) as security.
  • You must be located in Spain and be legally permitted to enter into this type of binding agreement.
  • You must not be acting as an agent or representative of another person or company for the purposes of this agreement.
  • If you are not coming in to our offices, you will also need a bank account into which we can transfer your loan.

See our Terms & Conditions for further information.

How soon can I have my loan?

Hola Credito has made the process of applying for a secured loan (online and by telephone) as fast and efficient process. Simply send us your item, we’ll make an offer based on our valuation, and if you accept it and sign the contract, you can have your money within 24-hours.

How much can I borrow from Hola Credito?

The secured loan offers in Spain are based on the maximum resale value of your asset. We normally lend between 60% and 75% of the resale value.

Is it safe for me to give you confidential personal details, such as my passport number, online?

Security is of paramount importance to Hola Credito, all sensitive details are collected and stored securely. All personal details are carefully stored and are subject to and protected by our privacy policy.

What rate of interest will I pay?

Unlike other online pawn brokers Hola Credito charges just 5% interest calculated on a monthly basis (APR is 60%). Example: A 1000€ loan at 5% per month, for the term of 6 months (APR 60%) this is 6 payments of 50€ and a final payment of 1000€ total amount repayable 1300€
For loan amounts in excess of € 20,000, interest is negotiable.


Loan Amount and Term Restrictions
Example A: A 1000€ loan at 5% per month, for the term of 6 months (APR 60%) this is 6 payments of 50€ and a final payment of 1000€ total amount repayable 1300€

Example B: A 1000€ loan at 5% per month, for the term of 3 years (APR 60%) this is 36 payments of 50€ and a final payment of 1000€ total amount repayable 2800€.
(Hola Credito is a responsible lender. Interest is calculated daily at a rate of 1.64 and loans can be repaid at any time without incurring additional fees or penalties)

How soon can I collect my cash?

Our secured loans are processed extremely quickly. Your asset will be valued instantly upon receipt and if it is an acceptable asset an offer will be made. Once you have agreed to the offer you can collect your cash from our office or we will transfer the money into your account within 24-hours.

Will the loan affect my credit rating in Spain or abroad?

No, taking out a secured personal loan online from Hola Credito won’t affect your credit history. We make the essential identity checks necessary for our legal compliance. However this is not the same as a credit. Your rating will also not be affected even if you are unable to repay your loan.

What is the loan term?

The duration of the loan is typically between 6 months and 3 years depending upon the item you wish to use as surety against your loan. However, Hola Credito adheres to the EU Consumer Credit Law, which allows you to cancel your contract within 14 days.

Can I repay my loan early?

Even though you have agreed to repay your loan and any interest accrued in 6 months or longer, you can repay your loan at any time after the legally required minimum period of two weeks. Once your payment has been received by us, we will courier your item(s) back to you. There is no penalty for early redemption; interest is calculated daily, so you only pay back the original amount, plus the interest which is due at the time your loan is repaid.

Can I extend my loan?

Yes, you can request an extension to your loan. If approved, you will need to repay the interest owed for the initial six-month period. Once this is done, we will then provide a new agreement for the loan.

What happens if I don’t want to accept the loan?

When we have received your asset, we will make a detailed valuation and then send you a loan offer with full terms and conditions and interest rates. At this point you can decide if you want to accept the loan or not. If you confirm that you want to take out the loan, the loan agreement will become binding. If you don’t access the loan, we will simply return your asset to you.

How will Hola Credito value my items?

As an independent online pawn broker with over 25 years of working within the credit industry, we have built relationships with valuation experts in many fields. We only use trusted valuation experts and guarantee to offer you the current market value for your assets.

How do you work ‘resale value’ of an asset?

The resale value is the price which an item would fetch if it was sold in its current condition, on the second-hand market.

How does Hola Credito value jewellery items and watches?

For jewellery we use our own highly trained professional appraiser with many years of experience within the industry. For jewellery we assess the quality and weight of the metal, the quality and size of the gemstones, and the item’s overall desirability, according to market trends.

How does Hola Credito value cars?

We use experienced industry professionals and offer secure loans against the car’s trade value. We only lend against luxury cars with a resale value of 25,000€ or more.

How do I pay off my loan?

You can repay your Hola Credito loan using a credit and debit cards, bank transfer and cash. Please be aware that, depending on the type of payment method used, the amount of time taken for your funds to clear into our bank may vary.

When will I receive my valuables back?

You will get your asset back as soon as you have repaid your loan. It will be returned to you by courier or you can collect it in person, depending on the method by which we received it.

What will happen if I can’t pay off my Hola Credito loan?

If you have taken out a secure loan but find that you are unable to repay it within the agreed terms, we won’t charge a penalty fee but we will sell the asset that you provided as surety. We will try to get the best possible price to repay the loan and remaining interest and any costs incurred in selling the item and we return any excess to you.